Dedicated Financial GBC is an ethical commercial loan portfolio servicing company that partners with leading companies that are looking to change the face of how people are treated when they are in default.

Custom solutions

We are entrepreneurial in our approach. We flex and mold to your business process and function as a seamless extension of your own company. All the trust, responsiveness, and flexibility of an in-house collections department without any of the management cost. Working with us never feels like just farming out a job.

Persistent follow-up

Our approach is fine-tuned: persistent enough to be effective but not so much that the debtor is pushed away. Taking a firm path but an empathetic approach is why so many of our clients say we’re the most effective in the business.

Ethical treatment

We focus on listening to the needs of those we serve in default. Life throws curveballs, and we believe that most guarantors begin from an honest place of wanting to honor their funding contract. We try to find a way for them to uphold their part of your agreement.

Nonprofit partners

Every time you work with or for Dedicated you are helping make the world a better place. Whether that is being our client, being a team member or someone we are serving on the phone, every time you work with us, we have a metric designed to give back to one of our partners doing amazing work locally, nationally and globally.

Nonprofit partners:


We stay involved in the top associations connected to commercial lending and commercial loan portfolio management because that is our specialty.

Associations and vendor partners: