Revenue Based Finance Collections 

We treat those in default with integrity and respect, and we never use auto-dialers. Yes, we’re a little unconventional.

In most cases, your merchant does want to pay you

We understand the difference between a personal guarantee of performance and a traditional personal guarantee. We have been collecting on this type of commercial funding product since 2010. We understand what it is, what it is not, and—most importantly—how to work with people to bring them back to the table in a positive manner to resolve their obligations.

Your merchants are treated with respect while we develop a relationship that brings them back to the table and back to paying you what you’re owed.

We can find your guarantors

Our expertise includes identifying and persuading the people who need to be guided back toward upholding their end of a lending, funding, or leasing contract.

Your accounts are assessed with our proprietary asset searching and skip tracing methods that you won’t find anywhere else.

What if a merchant is unwilling to pay?

When a merchant is unwilling to pay, our legal network is fast, incisive, and 100% contingency-based. You’ll receive proactive communications every step of the way, and we’ll always get your permission before taking action. Swift action will increase your net liquidation rates and decrease risk to your reputation and bottom line.

Revenue Based Finance: Legal issues


It doesn’t happen that often, but when we do run into Revenue Based Finance legal issues, they often involve receiving an answer to a complaint that asserts either a general denial or a usury claim. Fortunately, our talented legal team has over 20 years of combined experience dealing with creditors’ rights.

We’re careful first

Before we decide how best to proceed, we run claims through multiple legal scrubs, including a litigious debtor scrub, to ensure that the merchant doesn’t make a habit of suing creditors.

And effective foremost

We review the contract and the payment history to determine the context of the breach. We’ll present you with a recommendation based on the facts of the case, considering the probability of recovery through litigation versus the probability of bankruptcy or countersuit.

What our funders are saying about Dedicated:

“Dedicated is professional and courteous and has achieved the highest collections rate our company has ever experienced using third-party collections agencies.”

—Heather F., CEO, Revenue Base Financing Funder

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