We do not do “smash and grab” repossessions. We are empathetic, yet firm. Our priority is voluntary repossession whenever possible.

Your equipment and your guarantor—found

Your equipment and guarantor can both be found, and your deal can often be kept in place.

There are dozens of different methods that can be used to find your equipment. We go at it from every angle, following details and crumbs of information that only the most skilled agents like ours will notice. We follow the leads and we track down your equipment. One of the big differences with Dedicated is our team partners with agents on the ground to pool our skip tracing data together to maximize effectiveness in recovery.

Get your guarantor paying again

Our primary goal is getting your guarantor to uphold their end of the financing agreement by bringing them back to the table and getting them back on their payment schedule. If that doesn’t work, then our next goal is getting your guarantor to move to a neat and tidy voluntary repossession.

What happens after recovery?

To start the remarketing process, we connect your equipment to a wide and trusted network of vendors and end-users. We work hard to ensure that you get a fair price for your equipment. Learn more about our remarketing process here.

We play the long game, meaning that we do more than just check the box that says we got your equipment back or that we’ve pursued legal remedies for you.

We want to move your guarantor to a position where they want to keep working with you and you want to keep working with them, so that both of your businesses can get stronger and healthier.

What our funders are saying about Dedicated:

“Their recovery percentages are the highest of any of our sources, and their responsiveness to our requests is amazing.”
— Don W., Equipment Finance Lessor

Client Testimonials