Cradle to grave portfolio and business consulting

Have your team work directly with our experts to coach them on the techniques that will make your internal collection efforts more successful and profitable for you.

Training and workshops

Get your team on board with a collections strategy that’s shaking up the industry and changing the collections paradigm. It’s pretty simple: treat human beings like human beings.

From how to deal with individuals in crisis to talk-down strategies that lead with an empathy-first approach, we train your team to build relationships to enforce contracts and human connection to optimize performance of your portfolio.

Speaking engagements

We believe that everyone in the industry will benefit when everyone in the industry adheres to best practices. As such, some of our key executives will, from time to time, speak at either industry conferences or individual companies.

For example, our CEO, Shawn Smith, will often speak at trade shows and conferences to share his insights on topics such as how Dedicated has managed to dramatically outpace the legacy companies that remain stuck with past practices, why brand protection should be a primary focus for funding companies, and how corporate philanthropy can generate actual business returns.

We here at Dedicated consider it our duty to promote the industry best practices that will assist our clients in achieving the best possible recovery results.

“Their recovery percentages are the highest of any of our sources, and their responsiveness to our requests is amazing.”
— Don W., Equipment Financing Lessor

Client Testimonials