Account scoring

What if you could predict the future? What if you could catch deals before they go bad and make the right decisions at the first signs of trouble?

Catch deals before they go bad

You can save a massive amount of money by taking action at the first sign of account stress. When your client misses their first payment, you send us the account for scoring, we tell you the likelihood of that client remaining in default, and we give you our best recommendation for taking effective action.

What’s the point of account scoring?

First, run a few hundred questionable accounts through our account scoring process for pennies on the dollar. Then save thousands, hundreds of thousands, or more by making a better-informed decision to find the most effective route to receiving payment.

It’s not just about the score; it’s also about what you get with it. As you seek the best results, you get a clear overview of the probabilities of success for different courses of action, you get more-informed decision-making, and you get fewer accounts in default.