We believe business has the greatest opportunity to change the world. We’re taking the steps to prove it.

— Shawn Smith Founder and CEO

Because we believe that business has the greatest opportunity to change the world, we link charitable giving directly to our client contracts. This is the kind of business practice that transforms the lives of people across the globe.

As a company, we’ve funded charitable programs around the world, and in order to have the greatest possible impact, we work with nonprofit partners and focus on the following essential categories: food, safety, microfinance, and freedom. Our giving is tied to every placed collections account, every positive account resolution, and every initiated lawsuit.

Every day is an opportunity to change the world. These stories are proof of that.

A Food Story: Rosa

Rosa is a fierce Nicaraguan girl who battled a day-to-day struggle to survive. Now she has the nourishment to thrive because she is well fed. Rosa is just one of the many recipients benefiting from more than 2 million meals we’ve provided for those without access to nourishment. Learn more about what Feed My Starving Children is doing to alleviate child hunger.

A Freedom Story: Rochanaise & Bergina

Rochanaise wants to be a cosmetologist when she grows up. With the support of Bergina, a Restavek Freedom child advocate, Rochanaise can escape child slavery in Haiti and she can flourish. Rochanaise is one of the many children whose lives have been affected by the work of our partner Restavek Freedom, with a goal to bring an end to child slavery in Haiti within our lifetime. Learn more about what Restavek Freedom is doing to end child slavery.

A Microloan Story: Tenemit

Tenemit lives in Haiti and works hard to provide for her family. Since receiving a microloan, she has been able to add cleaning supplies and hot dogs to her product offerings, which allows her to work from home with her youngest child. Tenemit is one of the many microloan recipients who have received loans to build and expand their businesses. Learn more about how Elevate Funding is empowering entrepreneurs.

A culture of service

In addition to building philanthropy into every deal we close, our staff members donate their time to people in need and work on numerous fundraisers, food drives, and toy drives. Every Dedicated employee receives an extra week of vacation specifically to be used for helping people in need.

We’re building a culture that continually strives to find a greater purpose behind everything we do.

Interested in joining us on a service trip?