Commercial Finance Collections

Discover the future of commercial collections, where the power of our tech-enabled team takes over and gets you paid.

Redefining Industry Excellence 

Explore our cutting-edge commercial collections services, where we leverage extensive data sets to deliver unparalleled efficiency and precision for our diverse clientele. Unlock the power of tech-enabled solutions that set us apart, providing unmatched results in debt recovery.

With our advanced data sets and AI systems, we redefine industry standards, offering a new era of efficiency in commercial collections. Discover the difference as we bring unparalleled expertise and innovation to thousands of clients nationwide.

Tech-Enabled Servicing Prowess

Ready to handle thousands of accounts.

At the heart of our groundbreaking approach lies a synergy of innovation and trust, seamlessly orchestrated by our dedicated teams. Here is how our teams solve our funders’ problems.

Our first-party servicing team, armed with unparalleled expertise, ensures a personalized touch that resonates with your merchants that not only boosts your cure rates, but protects your brand reputation with efficiency through our AI widgets.

Picture this: a dynamic collaboration between our third-party collections specialists and cutting-edge technology, delivering results in record time.

Asset recovery becomes an art form as we deploy state-of-the-art methodologies, guaranteeing optimal returns for our valued funders through our tech-enablement AI systems. 

Litigation management is not just a process; it’s a precision dance, choreographed to perfection by our skilled team, ensuring legal avenues are navigated seamlessly.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your financial interests are in the hands of experts who marry tech-enablement with trustworthiness.

We don’t just aim to get you back on track; we redefine the path to success that speaks volumes.

Welcome to a realm where efficiency meets excellence, and your trust is our greatest reward.

What our funders are saying about Dedicated:

“Their recovery percentages are the highest of any of our sources, and their responsiveness to our requests is amazing.”
— Don W., Equipment Finance Lessor

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