Why use Dedicated for commercial collections?

May 9, 2023

The answer is simple. We chase significance over success. Everything we do is based on excellence. This core principal has created an environment and a team unmatched in the industry. When you receive letters of appreciation from clients AND debtors, you know you’re doing it right! We specialize in all of these areas:

  • MCA Collections

  • Equipment Finance Collections

  • Rehabilitations

  • Defaults, 2nd & 3rd voices

  • Deficiencies

  • Pre-Legal, Legal Path, Litigation

  • Attorney Network

  • Judgments

  • Legal path

  • Re-marketing

“Dedicated” is more than a collection agency. Our platform is designed to serve our partners, our community and those less fortunate. Every payment plan we set up provides meals to starving children.

Fast Liquidation rates.

When was the last time you had a vendor talk to you about liquidation rates and a return on your money? We are very aware that every dollar counts and that the accounts you place with us represent a loss to your bottom line. As part of our systematic approach to collections, we return more money to you in a shorter amount of time than our competition.

How do we do it?

Our philosophy is to be unbiased and non-judgmental, and we are here to hold the personal guarantor or the company accountable for the debt owed. Many times, just letting them voice their concerns to someone who will listen makes all the difference. We work the accounts very thoroughly, we use proprietary asset searching and skip tracing technologies and our legal network can’t be beat. We ensure no stone is unturned. We treat your accounts like they’re our accounts!

Partnership is Paramount

Working with other trade organizations, publications, and industry associations is critical to not only understanding industry trends but the ultimate needs of our clients. We sponsor NEFA, NAELB and Debanked.com and present at many of their events.  We have been involved in the industry for over 15 years, the last three years as Dedicated Commercial Recovery Inc. We have dedicated ourselves to excellence on every level, every day. We are here to enhance your bottom line without risking your reputation.