MCA litigation as a force for good

May 9, 2023

Merchant cash advance litigation a force for good in Haiti.

Dedicated’s Legal Services Team, using its thoughtful and complete approach, helps you maximize results from your difficult account files while minimizing any associated risks. Dedicated’s Legal Services Team Members treats all parties with integrity and respect, and they will explain their process to you in greater detail. Dedicated CRI addresses any questions or current needs.

What’s the next step if the merchant refuses to pay and there are no facts to support litigation or enforcement?

There are two possible courses of action after a merchant cash advance lawsuit is deemed unwise: the creditor can sit on the file and hope the circumstances improve, or cut losses, sell the debt to a debt buyer, and write off the loss.

Don’t throw good money after bad. By working with a 100% contingency collections agency like Dedicated, alternative finance companies can limit risk.

But you can do more through litigation than just setting your accounts right.

Right now there are children in Haiti desperate for freedom. These children are called “restavek” and are isolated, exploited and abused. But there is hope. We are working with Restavek Freedom, a nonprofit dedicated to ending child slavery in Haiti in our lifetime.

By using Dedicated for your legal needs, you can help.

How? For every account sent through our proprietary legal scoring model and all nationwide legal services, we’ll help fund advocates within Restavek Freedom to work towards ending child slavery in Haiti. Learn more.